Investing Portfolio that offers an 18% ROI p.a.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The interns were asked to picture themselves as an investment planners while doing this project. They concluded the following outcomes during their research considering all channels of investments that are available today, including Growthway.


Investing is a great way of making money by putting money on the company’s future performance based on multiple factors like past trends and performance along with the dividend paid by the companies. So, investing is totally subjective to the risk-taking capacity of the person. We can classify risk-taking capacity broadly into:

  1. Low Risk – Investing in such security or a basket of securities where the risk of the person losing money is very low but the returns are also lower as compared to other risk capacities.

  2. Moderate Risk – Investing in such security or a basket of securities where the risk is a bit higher than the low risk but the returns are higher than that.

  3. High Risk – Investing in security or basket of securities with the highest amount of risk and returns.

So, the portfolios have been prepared to keep in mind all the factors and have different securities and exposures based on the investor's risk capacity with an ultimate motive of earning the maximum possible return based on the current trends in the market.


Dhruvi Lakhia,

PGDM-Finance, IES's Management College and Research Centre

Investing Model by Dhruvi Lakhia
Download PDF • 1.02MB

Researched By:

Dhruvi Lakhia - PGDM-Finance, IES's Management College and Research Centre

Investing model
Download PDF • 707KB

Researched By:

Sushant Saxena - PGDM(2020-2022) Welingkar Institute of Management Mumbai

Researched By:

Chitranshi Saxena - PGDM Business Design Welingkar Institute of Research & Management

Investment Portfolio
Download PPTX • 11.60MB

Researched By:

Shikha Saxena - IIM Kashipur

The above information should not be considered an investment advice. It is only meant for educational purpose.

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