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Layo1 PCB Free Download is the easiest way to create your own PCBs with their own practical and professional designs.With Layo1 PCB you can design a single PCB or an array of PCBs!Layo1 PCB is an innovative tool that allows you to design and create your own PCB!This is the first tool that provides you with the possibility to design PCBs of great dimensions, with many pads and holes.This tool enables you to design any PCB you want, including all types of PCBs:• Different sizes like large or small• Diverse network designs• Unique drilling or a wide range of boring sizes• Components of all types and sizesAre you interested in designing PCBs? Then this tool is a great choice!WHAT'S NEWThe applications comes with a new design screen that offers more options and more features!New functions added!When designing a PCB, you can now create tracks and create a network at the same time!Introducing the concept of standard pin and components!New options added!When designing a PCB, you can now fill your PCB with a wide range of components!Introducing the concept of a single PCB!Layo1 PCB is the first tool that allows you to design a single PCB!This tool allows you to design a single PCB of any size, network, and a wide range of components!New function added!New library of components has been added!This library was specially created to reflect the most common components of the past and current market!We are constantly updating Layo1 PCB with the most outstanding and powerful features and updated libraries of components to make your work easier!New library!The new library of components is specially created for designing with PCB.They have been compiled in a very short time and includes the most common components of the past and present market, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.LAYO PCB PROLAYO PCB PRO is a universal library of components for designing the modern PCBs!With LAYO PCB PRO, you can create modern PCBs of any shape with a wide range of components of any type!Features:• A modern library of components• New possibilities and features for designing modern PCBs• Filters for mixing the colors and special effects• A wide range of pads and components to create unique PCB designs• The ability to create your own PCB files, 08929e5ed8

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