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Are you wondering about the risks in investment?

Well, your risk is only limited to trusting us. We will take care of the rest. Explained below are our precious gems that will provide you excellent rates of interest on your investments. Not to mention are the benefits and features alongside.

Investment Plans

Most Popular Plans


18% ROI

( Monthly Package)

  • Invest on a monthly package and get back 18% on your invested money.

  • Pay In 10 installments and relax for 2 Months

  • Zero Risk

  • Easy Monthly Installment


25% ROI

( Yearly Package)

  • Invest on a monthly package and get back 25% on your invested money.

  • Lumpsum Investment 

  • Zero Risk

  • One time Investment

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  • High rate of interest

  • Guaranteed returns

  • Zero risk

  • No hidden charges

  • No deductions/commissions

  • Clear and precise documentation in order to avoid any fraudulent


  • Free consultation

  • No more botheration of the market fluctuations

  • An emergency fund ready 24*7

  • Get the best value on your money

  • Secured long-term investments

  • No stress and sound sleep




( 15 days | 30hrs | ₹5,999 )

The Complete Stock Trading Course is designed to bring you all the best performing trading tools, hacks and strategies that you can apply right away to profit from the stock market.
We teach you the easy way, Keeping complexities away learn HACKS & SECRETS to EARN money & stay PROFITABLE in the STOCK & CRYPTO MARKETS. Just in 15 days!!!

What's in this Course?

Technical Analysis

  • Candlestick basics

  • Chart Patterns

  •  Indicators

  • Trading Strategies 

Fundamental Analysis 

  • Assessing Profit/loss statement 

  • Balance sheets

  • Ratios

Risk Management

Global Market Analysis


Check out the features of our course!

  • Crisp Content 

  • Training in Live Market Hours

  • Come. Learn. Earn

  • Learn hacks & secrets of trading & investing 

  • We teach you to grow your money

  • Free lifetime support

  • Learn straight from the trader's desk. We have professionals for everything.

  • We make sure you start taking trades confidently

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

  • Special & Free workshops

  • Learn advanced money-making strategies