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Terms & Conditions

This privacy policy sets out the information practices we follow including the type of information is collected, how the information is collected, how the information is used and with whom it is shared. 


These Terms of Use govern your use of the website owned and operated by Growthway Ventures, i.e., (‘Website’). Additional terms and conditions applicable to specific areas of this Website or to particular content or transactions are also posted in particular areas of the Website and, together with these terms of use, govern your use of those areas, content or transactions. These terms of use, together with applicable additional terms and conditions, are referred to as "T&C". Growthway operates this Website to provide online access to information about Growthway Investments and the products, services, and opportunities we provide at Growthway Investments (‘Services’). Please read these T&C carefully before you use the Services. If you do not agree to these T&C, you may not use the Services. By using the Website, you signify your acceptance to the T&C which takes effect immediately upon your use of the Services and create a legally binding arrangement to abide by the same. 

(Hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions") 

1. Ascent and acceptance 

By using the website you warrant that you have read and reviewed these terms of services and that you agree to be bound by it. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions please leave the website immediately. The owner only agrees to provide use of the website and services to you if you send to these terms and services. Further based on the services obtained by a user, additional terms and conditions in respect of the specific services may apply, which shall be deemed an agreement between the users and the owner. 

2. About the site 

The website is an online portal for selling investment plans, consultation bookings on real estate, Law & Taxation, Short term investing; Events, Educational Courses etc. We reserve the right to refuse service or refuse to sell the product or service on the website at our sole discretion to anyone for any reason at any time the website does not screen or censor the users who register on and access the website you assume all risks 

associated with dealing with other users with whom you come in contact to the website. You agree to use the website only for lawful purposes without infringing the rights or restricting the use of this website by any third party. 

3. Intellectual property

You agree that the website and all the services provided by the owner are the property of the owner including all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property (“owner IP”) You agree that the owner owns all the rights and interests in and to the owner IP and that you will not use the owner IP for any unlawful or infringing purpose you agree not to reproduce or distribute the owner IP in any way including electronically or via registration of any new trademarks trade names service marks or uniform resource locator as urls without express written permission from the owner.

Note: These are subject to our confidentiality clause. The use of these reports is strictly meant for Growthway's website - only.

4. User obligations 

As a user of the website or the services, you may be asked to register with us when you do so you will choose a user identifier which may be your email address or another term as well as a password. You may also provide personal information including but not limited to your name you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of this information this identifying information will enable you to use the website and services you must not share such identifying information with any third party and if you discover that your identifying information has been compromised you agree to notify us immediately in writing. An email notification will suffice. You are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of your identifying information as well as keeping us apprised of any changes to your identifying information. The building information you provide us including your credit/debit card billing address card number, other payment details is subject to the same confidentiality and accuracy requirements as the rest of your identifying information is providing false on inaccurate information or using the website or services to for the fraud and unlawful activity is grounds for immediate termination of these terms and conditions the owner reserves the right to refuse services terminate accounts or remover edit content in its sole discretion. 

5. Payment and fees 

Should you register for any of the paid services on the website or purchase any product or service on the website you agree to pay a specific monetary amount required for that product and those services. These monetary amounts of fees will be described to you during your account registration all the confirmation process. The final amount required for payment will be shown to you immediately prior to the purchase. Payment of ongoing service is billed automatically until you notify us that you would like to terminate your access to the service. 

We reserve the right to refuse services to refuse to sell products on the website at our sole discretion to anyone for any reason at any time.

6. Communication 

You understand that each time using the website in any manner you agree to these terms. By agreeing to these terms you acknowledge that you are interested in availing and purchasing the services that you have selected and consent to receive communications via phone or electronic records from the website including email messages telling you about products and services offered by the website or its affiliates and partners, if any. And understanding your requirements, communication can also be by posting any notices on the website you agree that the communications sent to you by the website shall not be construed as spam or bulk under any law prevailing in any country where such communication is received. 

7. Privacy information 

Your use of the website and services you may provide us with certain information by using the website or the service you authorise the owner to use your information in India and any other country where we operate. 

a. Information we may collect or receive: when you register for an account, book a call or make a payment you provide us with a valid email address and may provide us with additional information such as your name and billing information depending on how you use our website or service. We may also receive information from external applications you use to access our website and we may receive information through various web technologies such as cookies, log files, clear gift, web bacon's or other. 

b. How we use information: we use information gathered from you to ensure your continued good experience on a website including through Email communication. We may also write certain of your passive information received to improve our marketing and analytics and for this we may work with the third-party providers if it is needed. 

c. How you can protect your information: if you would like to disable or access any passive information we receive from the use of various technologies you may choose to disable cookies in your web browser. Please be aware that the owner will still receive information about you that you have provided such as your email address. If you choose to terminate your account the owner may store some information about you for future reference. 

8. Assumption of risk 

You acknowledge and agree with any information posted on our website. You further agree that your purchase of any of our products on the website is at your own will and the owner does not assume responsibility or liability for the same. The business has experts for the consultation and advisory purposes however your own due deligence is recommended. 

9. Sales of goods and services

The owner may sell goods or services or allow third parties to sell goods and services on the website. The owner undertakes to be as accurate as possible with all information regarding the goods and services including product description and images. 

10. Refunds 

If you are unhappy with anything you have purchased on our website, you may do the following: 

a. Investment plans: We are still working on the instant withdrawal option. But, until then our clients are requested to inform us 15 days prior in writing and we will do the needful within the sametime frame. The same can be done by applying through our website as well. 

b. Courses: we do not offer any refunds on course subscriptions. Kindly do all due diligence prior to the purchase. 

c. Consultancy Services: No refunds offered. Bookings have to be made in advance. The appointment can be postponed by informing the office desk or through an email till 1 hour prior to your appointment time. 

d. Advance payments: All advance payments made in case of event organising/planning; real estate purchase will only be refunded in cases where payments are not yet paid to the third-party vendors concerning the same. However, in cases of extreme exception, the firm authorities would look into the matter deeply. But the refund is not guaranteed in such cases otherwise. 

We will make the reimbursement by the same mode of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any event you will not encourage any fees as a result of the reimbursement. 

11. General provisions 

a. Language: All communications made or notice is given pursuant to these terms and conditions shall be in the English language 

b. Jurisdiction: Venue and governing law through your use of the website and services you agree that the laws of India shall govern any matter or dispute relating to or arising out of these terms of services. Any dispute of any kind that may arise between you and the owner with the exception of this conflict of law provisions in case of litigation specifically permitted under these terms of service is initiated the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court at Himachal Pradesh India. The parties agree that this choice of law of venue and jurisdiction provision is not permissive but rather mandatory in nature. You hereby waive the right to any objection of venue including assertion of the doctrine of forum non-conveniens or similar doctrine.

c. Severability: if any part or sub part of these terms and conditions is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of law or competent arbitrator, the remaining parts and sub parts will be enforced to the maximum extent possible. In such conditions the remainder of these terms and conditions shall continue in full force. 

d. Electronic communications permitted electronic communications are permitted to the both parties under these terms of service including email or fax for any questions or concerns please email us at the following address



This privacy policy outlines how we make use of the information you submit to us during registration and your upload or sync of invoices. Please note that this privacy policy does not apply to any information you provide to third parties in connection with websites hosted by reserves all the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. To protect your interests, please visit this page periodically to review the current terms of our privacy policy. 

By using the website, filling out any forms or if you use our services you approve that we use your information or the company information you provide and we collect from you. 


Personal information is requested when you register to become a member/request call backs. During registration, you are asked to provide your name, email address, postal or post code, etc. The more information you submit and the more accurate it is, the better we are able to tailor our services to your needs. 

Additional information, such as your IP address, operating system, or browser information, may be collected whenever you interact with us or our website. We collect this information in order to compile usage statistics and for your safety. 

Information that you provide for any third-party integration within our website is used for your account only. We may store your account ID, your access token, and certain pieces of information that are returned by the integration in order to maintain the connection between your third-party integration and your corresponding account 


Whenever you interact with us or our website, may place a "cookie" in the browser files of your computer. Cookies are data files that help your browser communicate with GROWTHWAYINVESTMENTS. 

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. You can reject or block cookies by changing your browser settings. However, if your browser rejects or blocks a cookie, it may impact your ability to use some of our website and our service. 

15. USE OF INFORMATION’s purpose in collecting personal information is to identify the member as well as to send recent updates and important announcements via post and/or email. In order to serve our members better, we do research on our members' demographics and interests based on the information you submitted to us upon registration. 

We will not disclose or transfer your personal information to any third parties except as outlined in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to disclose or transfer your personal information under the following conditions: 

We have your consent to do so. 

We believe that it is necessary to do so in order to respond to any claims. We believe that it is necessary to do so in order to comply with the law, legal processes, or authorities. 

We believe that it is necessary to do so in order to protect the rights, property, interests, or safety of GROWTHWAYINVESTMENTS. Our employees, our users, or the public. 

We are required to do so in connection with an acquisition, merger, or sale of all or a portion of our business. 

16. Growthway has tried to keep the documentation process short and simple for the investors to understand and proceed. So troubles are avoided later. We are dedicated to bringing you THE BEST Short Term Investing Solutions. Kindly, read through the following Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and Conditions: Growmax 365
Note: These terms and conditions are only for the reference of our prospects to understand & derive to a decision to
begin investing with us. The documentation will start after we receive an email confirmation from your end to begin.
In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
1. You may pay a monthly/quarterly/lump sum installment.

2. The date of payment for the instalment shall be the same every month. In case of any issue, the client can
contact the company and he/she shall be guided further. The company must be informed in case of any
discontinuation of an instalment payment. As the company is only liable to give a return on the premium
paid by the client in actuality. The necessary changes will be made by the company in the contract and
communicated to the client to keep clarity.

3. The investor is required to pay the lump sum payment within seven day from the date of the Agreement, In
case the investor fails to provide the Lump sum payment within the due date of Seven days, the contract
will be considered Null and void. In case, the investor does the payment after seven days, from the date of
such payment the investor shall require to enter in a new Agreement with the company.

4. In case of missing out on any of the installment/installments the client will be contacted by the company to
make the deposit. In case of a non payment, the premium for the month will not be counted. The return will
be calculated on the actual amount paid to the company by the end of 365 days. Therefore, any unpaid
instalment by the client shall not be counted. And the return on investment shall be calculated on total
amount and number of instalments paid. The investor will allow the company to use this investment for any
profit generating purpose.

5. The investors can demand a refund of the total amount paid by him/her before the completion of the
agreement after giving a prior notice of 15 days to the company. Provided, In case of refund prior to
completion date investor will not be entitled for any profitable gains but shall however receive the total
investment amount paid till date after the notice period is completed.

6. In case of any misfortune the investor is required to appoint a nominee. By submitting a copy of his/her
aadhar card.

7. The investor will be under liability to submit a Pan card and Aadhar card/Driving license/Voting card, to
the company in order to ensure the residence and birth proof of the investor.

8. The investor shall be above 18 years of age to enter into a contract with the company. In case of a minor,
the contract shall be made in the name of either of the parents.

9. The company will accept payments through Cash, UPI and Cheque.

10. The company will not share any regular information regarding the invested money with the investors, as it
is a promised return and the company has already mentioned its operations on it’s online portal.

11. In case, the investor is interested to continue with his investment after 365 days, It is mandatory that the
investor must renew his agreement, within the one month period of completion of this agreement. As the
company is dedicated to solving short term investment needs of its clients.

12. If in any case, investor does not renew his agreement after 365 days completion, within the time period of
one month stipulated from the date of completion of 365 days, the company shall consider it to be
non-renewal and the amount payable by the company will be the invested money in addition with the
percentage return mentioned in this contract.

13. The investor shall not be charged with any deductions/hidden charges.

14. The goal is to generate healthy return to investors by lawful means within the period of 365 days.

15. The investor has Zero Risk Liability. The Company is entitled to pay returns as promised in every deemed

16. The above Terms and conditions are not subject to any hidden clauses.


If you believe is not abiding by its posted privacy policy, or if you want to remove anything according to the regulation, or if you have any comments, please let us know. 

™ Growthway Investments. All Rights Reserved.

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